Client: Garmoyle Ltd
Location: Droylsden, Manchester.
Services provided: Pre-planning and full planning application
No. Of units: 19


St Andrews

Architecture/ Residential

3 Storey new residential development with 19 apartments. 

Demolition of an existing house and redeveloped to provide a 3 storey residential development including 19 unit apartments, with associated car and cycle parking facilities. The proposal would consider the characteristics of the surrounding, which means combining modern and traditional style. The main existing site feature, the landscape, will be preserved as protection from outside views. The main characteristics are big windows, corner windows and the majority of the external walls are painted. 

The overall design has been kept in keeping with similar designs locally, and has drawn on the design and finishes of the existing properties, coupled with the desire to greatly improve the overall appearance of the subject property, the design ensures a level of continuity in the style of properties together with mindful consideration of the overall street-scene.

Two entry points have been provided to allow dwellers multiple accessibility, with vegetation in between the front parking lot and undercroft parking available for residents.