Location: Plymouth, UK

Client: Private Client

Services provided: Architecture, Concept Design, Design development

Status: Ongoing



Wolsdon Street

Architecture/ Residential

Conversion of 5-bed house into a 7 bed HMO

This project designed was particularly challenging considering the challenges of working in a conservation area as well as in an area governed by Article 4. The property is located within the Northstone conservation area primarily residential characterised by terraces and long street vistas interspersed with major historic buildings.

The area comprises Georgian and Victorian residential suburb of urban streets with tight terraced plots and spaces, corner shops and pubs, and a network of secondary lanes with commercial or light industrial uses, and have a strong character based on the use of locally distinctive materials, with cobbled granite setts and Plymouth limestone boundary walls. The clients approached AGDC to design a new layout for the conversion of an existing 5-bed house into a 7 bed HMO

The brief was particularly challenging as the clients wanted to convert the existing house into HMO, but due to Article 4 governing the site as well as a plethora of HMO surrounding the site, this was not a particularly viable option. The proposal to split the property into flats would be supported by the planners especially as it is in a reasonably sustainable location, and provided some amenity space was provided along with bike and waste bin storage within the curtilage.

 However, the client was keen to develop this site into a 7 bed HMO and AG design was appointed as the architectural designers for concept and design development. The site was elongated with not much open area. With the increase in the volume of the house, an additional staircase was introduced with strategically placed bathrooms, common area and kitchen as well as efforts were made to ensure sufficient open space was available for the habitants.